Recommended, full-featured hosting solutions for Website Maintenance websites.

Most Website Maintenance hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, LiquidWeb, etc., offer low-cost packages, unfortunately these are often shared hosting environments, so your site and many other sites get bundled onto one server. This setup is at risk for the following major issues:

  1. Being hacked: All of the administrators for all of the sites bundled onto your server have access to the server. This means that if one site on the server gets malware, all of the sites are at risk.

  2. Slow loading times: If a few of the sites hosted on your shared server get a serious influx of traffic, ALL of the sites hosted on that server will be slowed down.

To significantly reduce these risks, we recommend choosing private hosting for your Website Maintenance website. Private hosting means that an entire server is dedicated to your site alone. The issue with many private hosting packages is that they do not include any website maintenance capabilities. For example: GoDaddy offers a $25/month private hosting introductory package, and HostGator offers an $80/month private hosting introductory package, but with the addition of the other necessary site maintenance capabilities such as site monitoring services, automated backups, version control and multi-developer environments, the fees quickly exceed $100/month.


We recommend for hosting because they offer all of these capabilities and a private server for $35/month all-in. If you sign up for our Secure Pack monthly service, we will include the cost of hosting. If you later decide to cancel our Secure Pack offering, you will need to pay Pantheon’s monthly hosting rate ($35 for basic level hosting). Typically websites with <10,000 page view qualify for this plan. If you require the  Pantheon “Professional” plan or higher, then you would be required to purchase that directly from Pantheon.